Specialized training

In order to give all the tools to our students, we offer specialized training per areas, like business administration, entrepreneurship, labour risks, ofimatic, agricultural and specific skills, etc. formacion

  • dsales, our sales program seeks to develop to the maximum the knowledge and skills of its commercial team. Throughout the program, you will identify the most relevant factors influencing the sales process and what are the keys to success.

  • dteam, throughout the program, identify the most relevant factors that influence the process of motivation, management, organization and communication and that develop highly effective work teams. Our Teamwork program seeks to maximize the knowledge and skills of your team.

  • dcoach is a complete personalized coaching program in which you work directly on competencies, habits and attitudes detected in a first phase of evaluation, with the purpose of achieving through a process of mentoring and personal coaching to develop to the maximum the potential of the person, both personally and professionally.

  • dmanagement, it is a complete management development program combining training with management skills and managerial skills, encouraging optimal leadership. Attendees combine real situations with a development of a personalized improvement plan that guides them in their learning process.

Training in Company

In the changing business environment in which we find ourselves, one of the main assets of companies is talent, understood as the ability of human resources to know, know how to do and know how to be. It is therefore fundamental that organizations are able to detect, link, retain and develop the talent of the people who are part of them, as a guarantee that they will have the necessary resources to meet the demands of the market, and that they will have them at the right time and with sufficient quantity and quality.


From Dideas we propose the development of a series of training programs, In Company training and personal and professional training that seek to improve the human capital potential of the organization and generate the necessary change to deal optimally with the daily management of responsibilities that the work entails. These programs are customized according to the needs of the company and the working group to which they are directed, to develop a highly effective training and in them we work:

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