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+Participation in KA2 Erasmus+ Project "Creative InternPrize", with the leadership of Akdeniz University

+Development of site job of ARGENTA CERAMICA 

+Development of BUSINESS SIMULATOR for Diputación Castellón

+Development of  BUSINESS LAB para Ayuntamiento Benicassim

+Equality of Gender training for different Councils in Spain

+Employees Guide for different companies on ceramic sector

+ Direction of the Postgraduate of Equality Agent for the Universidad Internacional Valenciana

+ Employee Manual for several companies in the ceramic sector

+ Development Skills and Evaluation Software for COLOROBBIA

+ Development of Telework Competencies for the teaching staff of the Universitat Oberta Catalana UOC

+ Address Course of Development by Competences of the University Jaume I

+ Entrepreneurship Skills Development Program for the City of Benicassim

+ Program of Entrepreneurship in Tourism of the Generalitat Valenciana next to INVATTUR and the CdT

+ Outdoor Socially Responsible for the company SRG Global

+ Elaboration of the Equality Plan of the Étnor Foundation

+ Management of the Training Plan of TODAGRES

+ Development of training materials and workshops for the Irene Gender Violence Program of the Ministry (Mislata City Council)

+ Development of a CSR Program to revitalize the Gran Turia Shopping Center

+ Direction and management of Project WORSPACE (Entrepreneurs) of C.C. Gran Turia

+ Management and management of a training project for entrepreneurs along with the City of Valencia within the Seal of Employment and Young Entrepreneurship of the Ministry of Labor.

+ Second Generation MBA Training Program of the Diputación de Castellón

+ Elaboration of the Equality Plan of the company TODAGRES

+ Elaboration of the Equality Plan of the company ARGENTA

+ Management and Development of the Equality Visa for PERONDA

+ Development workshops in team and communication for IMPORTACO

+ ITC Replacement Plan (Ceramic Technical Institute)

+ Business Simulator for Almazora Town Hall

+ Bonus Training Management for ITC (Ceramic Technical Institute)

+ Management Bonita Training Foundation Universitat Jaume I of Castellón

+ Address of the Social Media Strategic Program of INVATTUR

+ Management of the Employment Room of the City of Burriana

+ Social Networks and Employment Program for Diputación de Castelló

+ Elaboration Municipal Equality Plan Llíria Town Hall

+ Elaboration Municipal Equality Plan City council El Puig

+ Entrepreneurship and Employment Program CdT Comunitat Valenciana formacion

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